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Cultivating Mindscapes

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Cultivating Mindscapes(cc) | Kaw Valley Heritage Adventuring ...


1933 Enchanted Circle (Eagle Nest, NM). The care of rivers is not a question of rivers,
but of the human heart -- Tanaka Shozo. Eagle Nest .


  1. Sustainable Wellbeing</i> - Pathfinder Passports(cc)

    Nov 29, 2005 – Sustainable Wellbeing :: Cultivating Mindscapes & Conserving Landscapes.

    "We shall never achieve harmony with land, any more than we ...
  2. Picasa Web Albums - Bob-RJ Burkhart

    https://picasaweb.google.com/.../...Jan 4, 2007 - Conserving Landscapes & Cultivating Mindscapes.
  3. Picasa Web Albums - Bob-RJ Burkhart - LBOC Crew at ...

    LBOC Past-President Sharen Steele (right) enjoys special performance

    ... Early Childhood Readiness Student Coaches · Cultivating mindscapes & self-esteem .


9 - Ecumenical Christian Ministries

Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance, Inc. Conserving landscapes and cultivating mindscapes.

Community-building through project-based consequential learning and ...

  1. Volunteer Organizations Search

    Conserving landscapes and cultivating mindscapes.
    Community-building through project-based consequential learning and story-telling field trips that blend ...
  2. Minnesota Futurists / MBWA WordPlay

    Conserving Landscapes while Cultivating Mindscapes ... were reframed with cultural heritage
    “Trails-n-Tales” crafted from the perspective of the map makers?
  3. Conserving Landscapes & Cultivating Mindscapes



20+ items – Photo by Bob-RJ Burkhart published on Geolocation.ws.

0 m Conserving Landscapes & Cultivating Mindscapes
147 m Photo at 38° 59′ 44.17″ N 94° 52′ 53.62″ W



"Horizons Beyond" HNSA-NPS Panel Proposal DRAFT


File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View
via http://tools.wikimedia.de/sixdeg/index.jsp?
Rx: Conserving landscapes & cultivating mindscapes (Kansas: Bigger than you think!) ...


New York Elementary School Indoor Field Day - YouTube

► 6:00► 6:00
Apr 26, 2010 - 6 min - Uploaded by geoWIZard3
Healthy lifestyle choices ... cultivating mindscapes
and conserving landscapes during indoor field day events.


Artifacts & Archeology | Kaw Valley Heritage Adventuring | Lawrence ...


Rx: Conserving landscapes & cultivating mindscapes (Kansas: Bigger than you think!)

USNI Leadership Learning venues discount "ALL-WinWin" options for ...


JoCo Public Library FFNHA Regional mapXchange - Celebrate ...


Oct 5, 2011 – GeoVenturing-LNTreks empower "Conserving Landscapes"
& "Cultivating Mindscapes" with a shared sense of place (in space) ...  


Pathfinder Passports(cc): 2005-07-31


Jul 31, 2005 – Eco-Futures Forum Mission: Conserving Landscapes & Cultivating Mindscapes

FutureThought Leadership mapXchange :: Learn & Share ...


Sustainable WellBeing(cc) | Kaw Valley Heritage Adventuring ...


Innovative Anticipatory Thinking ... i4CQuest-thinkLets *
Conserving Landcapes while Cultivating Mindscapes * Counteracting Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD) .


KELP-UI "Eco-Challenge Courses"


"Conserving Landscapes" while "Cultivating Mindscapes".
with community-based EcoTrekUSA-i4c (cc) "
Eco-Challenge" courses for Kansas ... as BIG as you THINK ...


For fifty years there existed in the United States Army a Corps of Topographical Engineers, whose services in peace and in war were of great importance to the country.  At first concerned with military surveys and fortifications, their operations came to include internal improvements, exploration, assistance to the Treasury Department in the Coast Survey and in the construction of lighthouses, and the Lake Survey. 


In handling these various activities, the Topographical Engineers developed a body of capable officers, some of whom became famous.


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