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1846 Laclede Rangers

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Lower Kaw River Delaware Crossing near KSHS Grinter Place 


ISRAEL CLARK TINDALL and The DRAGOONS hendryfamily.org/private/tindall/DragNotes.pdf
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on 30 Jun 1846 - arrived Sante Fe, NM (capital of New Mexico)
... 29th of the same month, the Laclede Rangers, assigned to Col. Kearny's personal command,
mistakenly took the road to Lone Elm, crossed the Kansas at Grinter's, and ...


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The Fort Leavenworth Round Grove/Lone Elm Road


... to Bent's Fort by way of Round Grove [called Lone Elm by this time] by mid June 1846.

On the 29th of the same month, the Laclede Rangers, assigned to Col. Kearney
To circumvent this prohibition, Grinter, in 1836, married Ann Marshall, ...


In subsequent years, expeditions from Fort Leavenworth [name changed in 1831] would use the shorter, western route to Round Grove, thus avoiding the difficult crossing of the Little Platte River and time-consuming ferrying of the Missouri. Such was made possible by the 1831 establishment of a ferry on the Kansas River by a 21-year-old Kentuckian, Moses Grinter. Located 24 miles from Fort Leavenworth, this place came to be known as both Grinter's Ferry and Delaware Crossing. The Latter designation was in reference to the 2,208,000 acre Delaware Reserve located north of the river. [4]


The Story of an Old Clerk


Meetings for volunteers were here assembled in 1846 for the Mexican War,

... these gates in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Laclede Rangers!


Meetings for volunteers were here assembled in 1846 for the Mexican War, and funds to maintain the soldiers, and their families left behind, were contributed amid oratory and all the concomitants of patriotic zeal and farewells. The following year the returned soldiers were publicly welcomed home in the rotunda of the Courthouse. Here, also, was held an impressive public funeral for two officers of Illinois volunteers, killed in the battle of Buena Vista.


Topographical Engineers -- Homepage

Lt. Richard Smith Elliott, Laclede Rangers, Fort Leavenworth, 27 June 1846.
"If I could step back into the 19th century, I would like to have been part of the ...

"After breakfast the topographical engineers, Lieuts. Abert, Emory, and Peck, started for the prairies. They had some eight or ten voyageurs as servants, several pack mules, a baggage wagon, and a handsome spring car, with four mules harnessed to it, to 'tote' their instruments."

  Lt. Richard Smith Elliott, Laclede Rangers,
 Fort Leavenworth, 27 June 1846

Santa Fe Trail Association | Facebook


... Share Tales Explore 1846 Laclede Rangers Route @ http://g.co/maps/arhn3
points further south via Kaw River's Delaware Crossing at KSHS Grinter Place.


Ft Leavenworth 1846 Military Route GISurvey :: http://g.co/maps/arhn3 


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