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Reserved for Place-Based consequential learning experience .

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**** Please feel free to edit and improve this page!



The Barcamp Wiki is used to collaboratively plan each camp.

Typically each location has its own wiki homepage and a number of subpages.






  • Each location should have a homepage. The page name should be in the form BarCampLocation.
  • For multiple events happening at the same location, events should be numbered with Roman Numerals.
    The first event in the series would beBarCampLocationI, the second BarCampLocationII, the eighth BarCampLocationVIII ... 
  • Don't use spaces in page names. Note the lack of spaces in the above page names. E.g. BarCampBarCampSanFrancisco,BarCampSanFranciscoCampers etc.
  • If you have multiple pages for your event, start them all with the base page name.
    For example, if there's a page for sponsors for Bar Camp Dallas, it might be called 
    BarCampDallasSponsors instead of "Dallas Sponsors" or, even worse just "Sponsors". A name like "Sponsors" should be used only for a page that applies to _all_ Bar Camps.


Typical content areas


Most camps are inspired by one that came before, copying the template of previous camps. Here are common content areas:


  • Description with link to Upcoming.org event
  • Who, What, When, Where (w/ directions & map), Why
  • Hosts
  • Planners
  • Campers
  • Task list
  • Needs list
  • Carpooling / housing needs
  • Who's talking about us?
  • Proposed Sessions / Topics
  • Sponsors
  • Notes


Gardening the wiki


Check out RefactorMe for ideas on how you can pitch in!


As BarCamp winds down, it would be a big help if you could jump in and refactor this wiki. Things you could do:




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