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Wikis are fantastic tools to allow for collaborative writing. Every visitor to a wiki can edit any page on the wiki.


Editing is done in a very simple text language that is much easier to learn and read than HTML.


You can play around in the SandBox to get used to editing your wiki ...


Frequently Asked Questions (User Manual):




Download a file from files listing using download tab


Box.net Online Collaboration:
Get Your Team on the Same Page

Are group projects a challenge – and not the good kind? Are you bombarded with emails, making it tough to determine the latest version of anything? Box centralizes files in a single online workspace, so everybody has the most recent content.


Invite Others to Share and Edit

Box provides everything you need to collaborate online: Turn folders into shared online workspaces, invite people to view, edit and upload files and much more. Bottom line: With Box, everybody connects, collaborates and innovates in just a few clicks.

  • Move document management out of insecure, size-limited email into a centralized, secure space
  • Share content instantly, just by sending a shared link! Upgrade to Box Business and get granular control over who views or edits your files
  • Box Sync – available on Box Business – lets you keep multiple folders from your Box account in sync with your computer's desktop. Others can do the same, for seamless collaboration.


http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Authors, learn more about your rights.



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Share your files directly with your LinkedIn contacts from your Box account.


Access all of your content on Box from
within Salesforce, a leader in CRM software.

Box for Android

Access, manage, and share all of your content while on the go from your Android phone.

Box for iPhone

View, upload, and share your files while you are on the go using Box from your iPhone.


Business software suite with financial,
CRM, inventory, and ecommerce services.

Box for Office

Edit and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
files easily using Box for Microsoft Office.


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